Biomedical Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy - Hyperspectral Imaging - Chemometrics

We announce a new version of our hyperspectral imaging software:
CytoSpec 2.0


CytoSpec 2.0 has finally been released and is now available to download
What is CytoSpec?
The multivariate imaging software package CytoSpec represents a novel approach for creating pseudo-color displays of hyperspectral imaging data via statistical methods that utilize the entire spectral information. It is laid out and optimized to work on 3-dimensional hyperspectral data sets from infrared (IR) or Raman spectroscopic imaging experiments. Native data formats from various instrument manufacturers can be analyzed.
What is new in CytoSpec 2.0?
  • CytoSpec's graphical user interface has been redesigned and now features a clean look that makes it simpler and quicker to use
  • New submenus for 'spectral' and 'spatial pre-processing' functions
  • New submenu 'image processing' that allows to perform clustering of chemical images
  • New or renamed functions for spatial preprocessing: crop, binning, spatial filtering, 3D-Fourier self-deconvolution (FSD)
  • n-findr multivariate imaging function, a endmember extraction method
  • New function FWHM maps (submenu univariate imaging)
  • The import filter for binary Thermo/Atlus data files has been completely revised. This filter supports now importing of Atlus mapping version 7 data files
  • New import routine for Thermo/Raman data files acquired by OMNICxi Raman imaging software (v. 1.00 and later). CytoSpec allows importing of Raman maps stored in the HDF5 data format (*.h5, hdf5 libraries version 1.6.4). Note that the *.h5 import filter is supported only by CytoSpec's 64-bit toolbox (Matlab pcode).
  • Import filter for Renishaw *.wdf spectral maps. With version 2.00.02 CytoSpec supports importing of WiRE 4.0 *.wdf mapping data files.
  • New import routine for Renishaw ASCII (*.txt) data files
  • Updated import filter for WITec Raman data (*.txt format) produced by WITec Project v. 2.1 and later.
  • New function 'replace spectra': this function can be used to replace individual spectra by an average of their neighbor spectra
  • Colormaps i-jet, i-hsv and i-hot allow displaying inverted colormaps which are useful to produce chemical images from spectral second derivatives
  • Memory option 'compress' has been deactivated - this functionality is obsolete with the 64-bit version of the CytoSpec software
  • With CytoSpec 2.0 the function 'chemical movie' has been added to the demo and commercial program versions
  • The figure 'display options' has been removed - this functionality is now available from the redesigned graphical user interface of CytoSpec 2.0
  • Many code improvements & bug fixes



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